Accident Happy: A Recruiter’s Tale

Ahem… Music please… 🎶

“In Southeast New Mexico, born and raised, in a vehicle is where I spend lots of my days.

Driving or napping, relaxing- it’s cool. Going home, or to the zoo, or probably to schools.

When a couple turns came outta no where, started messing with my confidence and my driving record.

Got a little too comfy, a little too sure, and now I’m stressing I’ll be wrecking every time I go somewhere.

Take a little minute, just sit right there, and I’ll tell you all about how… I wrecked two cars.” 😳

Also: Happy Autumn everyone!

I love the Fall or Autumn (whichever is your colloquial preference). I love cooler weather, or for those of us in the desert, at least cooler mornings. I love sweaters and hot tea, though I admittedly enjoy both year-round.

And with Autumn, at my job, comes a lot of State-wide travel. We do several events locally, as well as recruiting events and college fairs the length and breadth of New Mexico.

Well, within two weeks, I managed to get into motor vehicle accidents in two separate college vehicles, on two separate occasions.

Let’s just say, they were not my brightest moments.

So, the long and the short of it is that I got into two separate wrecks during or on the way to two separate recruiting events.

One of them was close to where I live and work, and my colleague who was with me able to call our campus PSO, while I panicked, to ask what I should do. [Full disclosure, when we got hit, I screamed like raptor. There was no grace, no elegance, just pure panic and a lot of volume.]

^Me, to me, after getting in another wreck. Picture Source

With the other, I was about six hours away from home, and I was in a big city, and I had a mini meltdown in my car because I had a second accident…

Also, no screaming this time, but some serious face-to-palm action happened. 🤦🏻‍♀️

It was not a good time.

Thankfully, I can say that neither wreck was my fault as a driver, which means I can keep driving and doing my job (thank da’ Lort!). And I have completed several more recruiting events since these accidents occurred, and to date, I have been accident free for the last few weeks… And I’m even more glad to say that in my next recruiting week, I will not be the one driving (Shout out, and thank you, to Megan!😁)

Also, at the end of my last recruiting week I was able to meet some dear friends up in Albuquerque for the first day of the 2019 International Balloon Fiesta, do a bit of hiking in the Petroglyph National Monument park and spend some r-n-r time with my grandparents. It was a pretty good end to what started as a rough-season.

That’s it for this short post! Recruiting is still pretty manic, but I couldn’t not share my most recent misadventures. I may have more time to sit down and write a longer blog for November, but no promises!

Thanks for joining for this story-time adventure. As always, if you’re planning a trip to this area and have questions, I’m happy to give out some advice based on my experiences!

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